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Welcome to the book cover shop. Here you can browse our wide selection of e-book book covers. We have many premade covers in various genres, so be sure to click on the genre filter in the sidebar to narrow your search.

Type keywords, colours or moods into the search function in the navigation bar, or use the keyword tags in the sidebar to find something more specific.

A few things to note about our beautiful book covers:

  • Our book covers are all unique and made from high-quality stock photos and carefully selected typographic elements
  • Each cover is only sold once, ensuring your cover is truly yours
  • These book covers are specifically designed for e-books, but print book covers can be arranged at an additional price
  • Great care was taken to ensure a cover that looks amazing, even as a thumbnail
  • Our series book covers are sold as a set and cannot be sold individually
  • We also design custom book covers

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