How it Works

Are you an indie author?

Give your ebook a head start and find new readers with our wide range of premade book covers. Our gorgeous ebook covers are available in all major genres.

Each cover is lovingly crafted by graphic designers with experience in creating book covers.


Talented Designers

Our team of talented graphic designers spend hours creating these beautiful ebook covers for indie authors. Once the best images and fonts are selected, these are blended together to produce the best ebook cover for your novel.


Striking Images

Only the most beautiful, striking stock images are used in our covers. Our designers ensure that the chosen images are eye-catching and intriguing, and further enhance the image through applying filters and effects.


Perfect Typography

Once the images have been processed, our designers then hand-pick the best fonts that not only suit the image, but match the genre too. The gorgeous fonts are then crafted into bold, easily visible titles and author names.

Trilogy Covers

Beautifully Matched
Distinct & Eye-Catching Images

Stunning Typography
Picture-Perfect Fonts

Creating Fans
Build a Fanbase

Per Set


Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve made selecting the perfect cover for your next novel as effortless as possible.

The quickest way to find a matching cover for your book is to search by a specific genre (ie: Romance). You can do this by selecting any of the genres from the right-hand sidebar. This will alter the shop display so that only romance e-book covers are visible. This will save you time going through the available choices.

If you would like to broaden your search, or if your novel doesn’t fit well into a specific genre, then try to search using keywords or the main search function on the navigation bar.

This will filter all the covers in the shop according to the keywords you’ve selected (ie: Brunette, Couple Embracing, or try a colour or a mood).

So you’ve found the perfect cover – congratulations! Now we need to know a little more about your novel in order to send you the finished product: a stunning, unique book cover with your title and author name.

Once you’ve clicked on a cover, you’ll see a short description and beneath that, a few fields that you will need to complete. These are details such as the name of the author (you!), the title of your book, and a subtitle if you wish to add this.

You can then add the item to your cart and either continue shopping or check out and pay for your cover.

Once you’ve added an item to your cart, you can go ahead and check out. At the moment we accept Paypal (international) or Payfast (South Africa Only).

If you have a Paypal account, simply choose this option and go ahead with the transaction.

With Payfast, you can use either your debit/credit card, or instant EFT. For more information about Payfast, click on this link to check out their website. Many South African online stores are now using Payfast, so if you haven’t signed up yet, now’s the time 🙂

As soon as the payment has been completed, your order comes through to our design team, who will begin work on your design.

Seen a cover you like but haven’t even written the novel yet? Feel free to purchase covers you like and then just insert a placeholder title such as “NO TITLE YET”.

If we see an order like this coming through, we’ll contact you to make sure you don’t have the title yet (who knows, maybe someone will write a book entitled “No Title Yet”… we’ll have to make sure!).

We will then keep your order aside until you contact us to change the title.

Once the order has been processed, we will go over the cover details to make sure we’ve received all the information we require from you. If there’s something we’re not sure of, we’ll contact you.

It takes approximately 24-48 hours for your artwork to be designed. Please note that if your title/author name are much longer/shorter than the examples shown, the completed cover will look slightly different as our designers will have to move around the typography to make it legible (and beautiful!)

We will then email you the completed artwork in the perfect resolution for Kindle devices. It will be supplied at web resolution (72dpi) and in a JPG format. This same artwork can be used at various e-retailers, such as Smashwords.

Please note that the charges associated with the covers do not include any changes in colours, images or typography. If you need something different from the covers on display, please contact us via the contact form to request a custom design quote.
If you wish to have the same cover converted into a paperback cover at any stage, simply drop us a mail stating your order number. We will quote you for the paperback design once you’ve supplied us with a few extra details.

Firstly, you will need to know the trim size of your book. If you’re not sure what this means, then head over to Createspace to find out more.

Once you know what trim size you want your novel to be, you can then calculate your page count. This is another important factor, since the spine of the book is dependent on the amount of pages and trim size.

Only once you know these two factors can we assist with designing your paperback cover.

You will also need to supply us with additional information about the book, such as an author biography, a high-resolution image of the author, and the blurb of the book.

If you see another cover you’d prefer over one you just purchased, and the transaction has already gone through, then please contact us immediately. We’d like for you to have the perfect cover, but we have to be fair to other authors, too.

Each cover is held for 60 minutes when an order is placed, but if you spot a different one, you can request a switch within 2 hours after placing the order.

If the second cover is available, then we’ll do our best to switch you out with the cover you prefer.

If, however, another order has already been placed for the new cover, then we will be unable to switch out the covers.